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"I'm a loner..."

Staring at the skies
Darkness consumed you
In faceless dreams.
And the soul, forever in your hands

Only reflection in the eyes saved you.
The Moon, like a wolf in a cold night
Seeking shelter.

So you're looking for salvation
In the deceptive mist of
Thoughts of the insane ones
But the time flows like a river
Taking your empty heart away
Into darkness forever, further and further

Losing your feelings forever
Losing the warmth of the hope light
Giving a cold glance

And now you are alone on the edge of the river with a spark of dreams
Keeping as a guardian
In the mist of your faceless dreams
You will dissolve without a trace...

Hi Guys )
Sorry for not answering Your comments!
Have the strength to only view Your wonderful Work and not always have the opportunity to constantly monitor new works

Thank You for Your work, they are beautiful!!! ^_^

My heart with You
Every day I am with You
Let me speechless
But I breathe...
Your thoughts
Your emotions
Though the sorrow
or joy
You are beautiful

P.S. and Yes forgot!!!   
                                   " I Love You"



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I'd be really honored if you did.

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